Lets Go Brandon says my Cousin Vinny in Court

Lets Go Brandon!

LetsGoBrandon: Origins

The origin of “LGB” is in the video below. Broadcast Live from Talladega, AL immediately following his first NASCAR xFinity Series race win Brandon Brown gets interviewed live. With a very sensitive open mic he smiles and tries to keep a straight face as the crowd in the stands builds into loud chant. Heard clearly enough for the director to pan a camera on the crowd a veteran TV race reporter coins the phrase. Watch and listen carefully.

Lets Go Brandon-Joe yells "stop calling me Brandon!".
The most interesting man in the world says " I don't always say "F@#k J%& B*d$n!" but when I do you hear "Lets Go Brandon!".
Don whispers "Let's Go Brandon' in Joe's Ear while Kamala laughs in the bottom right corner.

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Origin Recap

Immediately following a NASCAR xFinity Series race at Talladega, AL the crowd in the stands were heard audibly chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”. This was during the post race winners interview in front of the flag stand. The interviewer attempted to cover while the winning driver tried to keep a straight face by saying the crowd was cheering for him. The winning driver was Brandon Brown #68. The interviewer, Kelli Stavast, in a piece of #FakeNews said the crowd was cheering “Lets Go Brandon!”.

About Kelli Stavast

Kelli Stavast is a veteran Motorsports Reporter/Interviewer/Presenter currently working for NBC/NBCSN. There is a 5 things article on Heavy.com that explains her part in this story rather well. You can read more about Kelli Stavast on her very recently updated Wikipedia page also. The founder of the group that operates this site has sent her a Tweet thanking her for uttering those words on a National #MSM Television Broadcast and helping in the creation of this website.

About Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown is the driver of his family race teams number 68 car in the NASCAR xFinity series. The “Brandon” in this Viral Phenomena seemed amused while the crowd was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”! As he was being interviewed live on National TV Brandon kept a straight face. The interviewer coined a phrase, projected some #FakeNews, and garnered both driver and reporter a place in #PopCulture, U.S. history, #NASCAR History, and the world of #Memes! Welcome to MemeDom Brandon!

Lets Go Brandon Special Information

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