FudgieJoe = FJB



The FudgieJoe persona of Joe Biden was born when recent reports surfaced of an incontinence issue at the Vatican. It has been reported while meeting with the Pope the #Resident made a “Fudgie” in his pants. There must have been a major evacuation and overflowed his incontinence protection device (Depends). It apparently was an accident that required a discreet Executive Clean Up. So many memes have popped up on #SocialMedia from this story.

FudgieJoe = Brandon

Some of these memes have been more popular than others, all bring laughter and joy. FudgieJoe may be the best offshoot of the #LetsGoBrandon ,pardon the phrasing, Movement.

Yes #BrandonWent also appeared a few times for a week. There was also a brief appearance of Brandon, AKA FudgieJoe, as #POOPTUS.

One thing we can be sure of, Brandon will make more appearances as FudgieJoe. It is certain to be a re-occurring theme in the #BrandonAdministration for the next several years.

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